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Spring timetable adjustments & class additions...

Pinch & a punch its the second of the month .... wishing you all a fab Feb! Here's a few timetable additions & adjustments for you to note....

From Saturday 4th Feb:

BJJ COMPETITION CLASS with Tom Buckmaster, now: 12.30 - 1.30pm

BJJ ALL LEVELS with Tom Buckmaster, now: 1.30 - 2.30pm *yes it's just a switch round of these class time:)

Rounding off with OPEN MAT staying: 2.30-3.30pm

Starting Monday 6th Feb:

GRECO WRESTING is now on evenings too! Come to class.. Mondays @ 7-8pm (upper dojo) & Tuesdays @ 12.30-1.30pm (lower dojo)

In summer last year we introduced class style & coach : Greco Wrestling with Abdullah Tatarashvili, who's accolades include being a Chechen National Champion & Silver Medallist in the British Wrestling Senior Championships 2017. The great news is - he's now teaching evenings as well as lunchtimes, so start coming to Greco Wrestling classes to get some upper body throw techniques & ways to enhance your control & stability. Abdullah's sessions are great for learning how to stay grounded when on your feet..... so if you want to learn how to never get taken down again - this class is a must for you!!!!!

From Friday 10th Feb:

JUDO - All Levels (Friday Classes Only) will now be a NEWAZA SPECIFIC class held by Ed Semple. And finally - for all parents - please note that Sundays Kids Judo class @ 10-10.45am is now for age ranges 4-9yrs , followed by Judo Kids Competition Class now for 8yrs+ @10.45 - 11.45am. Both sessions run by Jade Eccles. Here's the updated timetable so you can see what's on when:



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