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Whether you want to try judo, jiu- jitsu, kickboxing or No-Gi Wrestling, our free class trial is just the thing for you!


We offer Kids and Adult kickboxing Classes. Be it a complete beginner, intermediate or advanced level  your welcome to join in & let our experienced coaches assist you.


Click HERE to see when our kids and adult kickboxing sessions take place, and book into classes. 

Our Kickboxing classes are great to attend for all over body conditioning, agility, confidence, co-ordination & much more.  

Using punching and kicking techniques evolved from a mix of Karate, Muay Thai and Boxing, Frankie's classes will challenge you mentally & physically whilst also enhancing your self defence skills.

He assures to get your heat racing and your muscles pumping.

Frankie welcomes you to try out a class with him & looks forward to seeing you on the Mats!

Equipment required for class : rashguard or T-Shirt & Shorts/Spats or Gi Pants. As you progress your instructor will recommend any extra equipment he thinks you may need such as shinguards and gloves.


Frankie Gibson Headshot.jpg

Frankie Gibson


Frankie Gibson is a trained k1 coach. He loves working with kids and adults to pass on his skills and expertise and currently has over 4 years experience as a kickboxing coach.

He's also  1-0 as an amateur and competes regularly. Looking forward to competing more in the future, Frankie says watch this space to hear about upcoming fights!

His journey in martial arts started with boxing at around the age of 14 and has never stopped since. His love of martial arts also continues with knowledge in  boxing, Muay Thai and BJJ but once he found kickboxing he decided it was his passion. 

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