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Save the Date!! Thurs 17th October - Seminar With AMAURY BITETTI & ROBERTO ALMEIDA

We are stoked to announce Roberto Almeida's coach & master Amauri Bitetti is over from the USA soon & making a special visit at the Academy to host a 2 hour BJJ Seminar with Roberto on Thurs 17th October 6-8pm

Amauri Bitetti is considered by many as one of the greatest Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belts to have this is a fantastic opportunity for you to meet and gain some knowledge from a living legend!

Bitetti was trained by the late Carlson Gracie , & gained open weight world champion on two occasions...the first ever to make this achievement. He was also a former member of the UFC roster.. fought MMA when it first started..& so helped establish the sport.

Main Achievements in Jiu Jitsu:

  • 2x Open Weight World Champion (1996, 1997)

  • 2x Brazilian National Champion (1998, 2000

  • World Bronze Medallist (1999)

Extra Info:

  • Weight Division: Meio Pesado & Pesado (Med Heavyweight & Heavyweight)

  • Favourite Technique: Guard Pass

  • Association/Team: Carlson Gracie

For this night only - all other classes are postponed as we support Roberto & host this special event. He'll also be awarded his 5th Dan BlackBelt during the come down to show him some love & expect to see a lot of our team of coaches & staff present !!

We'd love to see the mats packed -& as this evening is FREE TO ALL ACADEMY MEMBERS .. PLEASE GET ON BOARD & RESERVE YOUR SPACE by booking into the event via your member portal or the live timetable.

The 2 hr Seminar will be broken down with - 1st Hour Gi , & 2nd Hour No-Gi & we'll be rounding off the evening after the seminar closes with a club social event and celebrations we invite you to stick around after too ...... For Non Members - You can purchase your tickets here or rsvp to in advance & pay upon arrival at the club.

Hope to see you there...


PS: If your an RSA Member who'd like to bring friends - there's a special RSA guest pass rate of £15 payable upon arrival or in advance via the website. (External visitor Seminar rate = £25.00)



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