Wanting to Learn BJJ but unsure how to get going? 

Or perhaps you are looking to gain some self defense techniques or just learn something new that will challenge you mentally and physically...


Our ABC BJJ beginners course is a great place to start.....

  • 10 x 1hr instructor led sessions -currently Tuesday's 7-8pm

  • Provision of a brand new outfit of Gi & Belt - (rrp £65.00)

  • Access to additional course content & instructor advice/recapping out of sessions  *optional - please ask for further details

  • Small group teaching environment


 All for only £130.00


*Courses rotate every 10 x weeks - next course scheduled as soon as we reach enough numbers to start a class...and we are able to reopen the academy following the latest COVID-19 government guidance.

Sign up now via the link above or email maggie@raystevensacademy to place your name on the hear more re start dates or to reserve your space on the next course!


Course Leader - Coach Richard Kerrigan.

Richard is a BJJ Brown Belt under world champion Roger Gracie.

He has trained in Brazilian Jiujitsu for more than 10 years, starting his journey at Ray Stevens Academy.

Richard is an active competitor and has won tournaments all over Europe and the USA.

At Brown Belt he's currently ranked number 2 in the IBJJF World Rankings!!

Having trained at academies all over the world he has brought back different concepts from different lineages to his classes - making him a knowledgeable & comprehensive ABC course leader.


​​Beginners ABC Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 10-week course


Starting anything new, especially a Martial Art, can be daunting. Worries about costs, injuries, age and even enjoyment can stop person from trying.

At Ray Stevens Academy our ABC beginners course is designed to take an absolute novice through all that Brazilian Jiu-jitsu encompasses. This is done in an open and fun environment with instructors being available for any questions or concerns you may have.


Over ten weeks our Instructors will guide you through a fundamentals program that covers all the main positions, rules, scoring and moves. Afterwards you will be able to jump straight into the main classes and not feel out of depth or perplexed by what the instructor is saying.

Brazilian jiu-jitsu is one of the most effective self defence martial arts out there. It’s challenging but rewarding, it’s a workout while picking up a skill. By the end of the course you will have a better understanding of your bodies limits, and be surprised at what you can do. 

All for only £130.00


Beginners ABC Judo 10-week course


Here you will be taught the basics which will equip you to fully enjoy and develop your Judo journey. Learn how to throw and fall correctly to keep you safe during practice, and understand the fundamental techniques for throwing & groundwork .


You will have a good understanding of the basics of Judo by the end of the 10-week course, and by its completion you’ll have gained the grounding knowledge to enter our standard classes with the base level of experience required to train with mixed ability judokas and begin working towards your gradings.

All for only £130.00

We are currently building a waitlist to launch our ABC Judo course - so to place your name on the register or to hear more please email : maggie@raystevensacademy.co.uk 

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Telephone: 0208 241 3788 - As the dojo is currently closed this line is not being monitored daily, so please email :


253 Burlington Road

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We are currently closed until further notice following government guidance due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


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