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  • 4.30-5.15pm (4-7yrs)

  • 5.15-6pm (8-15yrs)


  • 4.30-5.15pm (4-7yrs)

  • 5.15-6pm (8-15yrs)


  • 5-6pm (Judo squad)


  • 9.15-10am (4-6yrs)

  • 10-10.45am (7-9yrs)

  • 10.45-11.30am (10-13yrs)


Spring Term 2019

Start date: Friday 4th January - Thursday 28th March

Half term: Sunday 17th February - Sunday 24th February

Easter 19th April - 22nd April 


Thursday 14th March - Wednesday 20th March


Summer  Term 2019

Start date: Friday 23rd April - Monday 15th July

Half term: Sunday 26th May - Sunday 2rd June

No class Bank Holiday Monday 6th May - Please make up session during the week


Tuesday 26th June - Monday 2nd July

Autumn Term 2019
Start date: Saturday 7th September - Friday 3rd December
Half term: Sunday 20th October - Sunday 3rd November

Saturday 23rd November - Friday 29th November


Ray Stevens is a 7th dan judoka, Olympic Silver Medallist, and a Roger Gracie 2nd degree Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt. He is the head instructor at Ray Stevens Academy. He is also a senior instructor at the Budokwai, the oldest martial arts club in Europe. He has a special ability to assess the specific individual needs of his pupils within a group class, allowing you to work on exactly what is needed for you to succeed, helping you to improve faster. Ray has a wealth of experience, having competed and trained at the most elite level for nearly 20 years, culminating in him winning a silver medal for Judo in the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games. What do Brad Pitt, women looking to get fit and aspiring martial artist all have in common? They have all been trained by Ray and will agree that his calm, friendly and extremely knowledgeable approach to training all gave them the results they were looking for



Ed Semple has a PhD in Sport and Exercise Sciences.  He has worked with many top-class athletes from a variety of different sports for over 25 years.  Ed is the lead coach for the Junior Judo program at the Academy.  He is also the senior Coach for Epsom Judo Club and St Mary’s University Judo and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Clubs.  Ed is a Judo Black Belt and Purple Belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.  He is a British Judo Association UKCC Level 3 coach, a Level 2 coach with the Amateur Boxing Association and a BTECH Level 3 Advanced Self Defense instructor.  Ed has written 2 books, one on Judo and one on Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, both are published by Crowood Press.  Ed also sits on the London Area Committee for the British Judo Association.


Tom Buckmaster holds a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt under Roger Gracie and is a 1st Dan black belt in Judo. He started both disciplines at the Budokwai, where he still teaches to this day. Thomas teaches adults and childrens classes at the academy and places a large emphasis on fundamentals and efficient application of technique. He believes that Jiu-Jitsu is for everyone and if you give it time and patience, no matter how big or small you are, you can become a much stronger version of yourself. Remember a black belt is just someone who never gave up!



Ignacio Portelli is a 3rd DAN Black Belt and started practicing Judo at the age of 4 under his father, Olympian Jorge Portelli. He holds two National Champion titles & one Central American Champion title in Judo and has also competed in freestyle wrestling on an international level. Ignacio is a level 3 Personal Trainer & Sports Coach as well as a Level 2 Judo Coach. He has been teaching Judo for the last 10 years in Argentina, Guatemala and the UK. As well as practicing Judo, he enjoys competing in half-marathons and is a former rugby player. Ignacio is a strong believer that Judo is more than just a sport and it teaches young athletes a respect and self-discipline that can be extended into daily life.


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