Whether you want to try judo, jiu- jitsu, kickboxing or No-Gi Wrestling, our free class trial is just the thing for you!

No-GiBJJ/Submission Wrestling

Our No-Gi BJJ & submission wrestling classes are challenging , intense , technical , and a LOT of fun. 


All levels welcome to join in & let our experienced coaches assist you.


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Our No-Gi classes are suitable for all levels - whatever stage of your grappling game your at. If you want to improve your ground game & overall fitness...No-Gi is a great session to attend!


Whilst Gi and no-Gi BJJ are very similar overall, the styles and way both classes are taught  can be quite different. In standard BJJ classes a gi is worn, & a lot of set ups and grips are based on using the gi material. There are many manoeuvres that cannot be achieved in no-gi classes and vice versa. *e.g lapel or worm guard is impossible in no-gi.

 No-Gi classes are intense, hard work.... and a lot of fun :) Come along and give it a try!


Silviu Nastasa Headshot.jpg

Silviu Nastasa


BJJ black belt

Judo black belt

Strong Wrestling background

Kettlebell instructor

Strength & Conditioning trainer

Silviu's experience in martial arts started when his father, a professional wrestler, began training him at just 6 years of age!  Silviu's wrestling skills developed under a fun but gruelling daily programme involving wrestling with bears and learning from the knowledge & expertise passed on from his father.

Silviu's arrival in the UK broadened his martial arts knowledge further as he discovered a different world of grappling. First  it was BJJ, which he says 'blew his mind', and soon after that Judo got him fascinated with its elegant strength. Silviu says at the beginning it was challenging for him as he had to put aside years of wrestling knowledge and start with a beginner's mind, learning BJJ techniques and then the same with Judo later on. 

Each discipline came with its own set of skills, rules and principles.  Once he understood them and got comfortable with them however, he quickly progressed in both and is now a black belt in both BJJ and Judo.


Silviu feels that his combination of cross training & grappling skills combined has helped him master his game. He's a professional competitor in Judo, BJJ (Gi & No-Gi) , & Submission Wrestling. 

His Advice for anyone whatever stage your at of your grappling journey is..."Success doesn't come from one day to the next. It is achieved with consistency, dedication and patience. Grappling skills do not come overnight, but know that every time you practice  you will improve and you will progress. And remember:  at no point one stops learning! We are students for life!"