NEW DOJO opening 1/9/17

18th August 2017

The address is 253 Burlington road, KT34NE

Please sign up to the new system using the link below:

and please find the new schedule on the link below:

Change of Venue -Wednesday 4th August and Friday 6th August

22nd July 2017

CHANGE OF VENUE Wednesday4th August

Sessions will be at the Open Door Community Centre location from 7.45pm

CHANGE OF VENUE Friday 6th August

Sessions will be held at the Scout Hut location from 6.45pm



Surrey Trials success !! 12 medals won , 12 in Surrey Squad

15th May 2017

Congratulations to all those that won medals and a place in the Surrey Squad.


under 28kg

Olivia Barfoot-Saunt – Silver

Ksenia Shestakova – Bronze

under 32kg

Frema  Agyei – Bronze

under 40kg

Mayos Santos – Bronze


under 27kg

Ivan Shestakov – Gold

under 30kg

Arun McCarten – Bronze

under 34kg

Mohammed Ali Malikov – Bronze

under 38kg

Matthew Lyons – Bronze

under 42 kg

Aidan Elimad – Silver

under 46kg

James Dawson – Silver

under 66kg

Campbell Brooks – Gold

under 73kg

Alexander Best – Gold





2nd May 2017

Please note that all classes this Saturday will be held in the gym at:

Ricards Lodge School

Lake Road


Sw19 7HB





1st May 2017

Please note that on 1/5/17 the Academy will be closed – there will be no classes.

Kids Judo Autumn 2017 -Term Dates

19th April 2017

Term Dates:  Saturday 9th September 2017 – Friday 8th December 2017

Halfterm: Monday 16th October – Sunday 29th October 2017

Grading dates :    Saturday 25th November- Friday 1st December       


Kids Judo Summer 2017- TERM DATES

17th April 2017

Term Dates: Friday 21st April-Wednesday 12th July 2017

Half Term: Sunday 28th May -Sunday 4th June 2017

Grading Dates: Saturday 1st July – Wednesday 5th July 2017

Bank Holiday: No class Monday 1st May





14th April 2017

We are closed over the Easter break . We re-open on Wednesday 19th April 2017.

NEW Club Welfare Officer

8th April 2017

Dear Members

Please note that we have a new Club Welfare Officer- Alison Banks. Her details can be found on the “Contact” page of the website . Please contact her if you have any concerns or complaints


18th March 2017

Microsoft Word - NEW DOJO coming Summer 2017.docx

ED gets his Purple BJJ belt- Congratulations!

4th November 2016

img_1504 img_1502

Amazing success at Judo Competition this weekend

11th July 2016

Congratulations to the following for their amazing success at the recent competition:


Harry Kurdish.

Luc Kelly.

Amaury Maddocks

Jacques Le Roux.


Aiden Elimad

Ivan Shestakov


Luke Alden.

Lauren Semple.

Olivia  Barfoot-Saunt

Maya Kelly.

Xavier Maddocks

Arun McCarthy


Leo Bayfield.

Ryan Sutton.

Just a few of the winners….

They are from the left Arun, Ivan, Leo and Ryan.

July 11 comp

Aimee Matthews takes Bronze!

29th January 2015

Aimee Matthews takes Bronze!


News post of youtube video

29th January 2015

London’s celebrity judo scene

29th January 2015

From Vladimir Putin and Theodore Roosevelt to Mick Jagger and Guy Ritchie, a number of high-profile personalities from politics and showbusiness have taken up judo to lose weight, toughen up or simply destress. And many have done so at the Budokwai martial arts club in London.

Ahead of a major report into the business of judo in the August edition ofSportsPro, we sat down with former Olympic silver medalist Ray Stevens – who has trained the likes of William Hague, Kylie Minogue and Simon Le Bon – to find out why the sport has such celebrity appeal.

For nearly a century a somewhat unassuming building in London’s upmarket Chelsea district – just a few minutes from the local Premier League side’s Stamford Bridge home ground – has been a pillar of the global martial arts community. The Budokwai is Europe’s oldest Japanese martial arts club, boasting a host of Olympic medallists among its alumni. It also played a central role in the establishment of the International Judo Federation (IJF) in 1951.

Today the venue hosts an array of martial arts classes, including Shotokan karate, aikido and Gracie jiu-jitsu as well as judo, and has seen a number of notable figures from popular culture – and their children – walk through its doors for classes over the years.

Ray Stevens (pictured right), who won a silver medal for Great Britain in judo at the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, teaches regularly at the Budokwai and counts a handful of household names among his former charges. He also runs his own facility not far from the Budokwai and takes one-on-one training sessions for private clients. It was during his competitive judo career that he started working with celebrities, as his unusual training schedule meant he regularly encountered individuals with similarly atypical diaries.

“Any athlete has to prepare in the gym. I had to do a lot of physical training, so we found the best places to train were in health clubs,” explains Stevens, sitting in a coffee shop just around the corner from the Budokwai on Saturday afternoon. “Because we trained in the mornings at unsociable hours, that’s when you would meet unusual characters who had not the nine-to-five type of job. Some of those people were celebrities, actors, singers.”

He started judo at the age of ten, achieving black belt status by the age of 16, and was training full-time by 17. It was another 12 years, however, before Stevens won silver in Barcelona and he explains that, compared to today’s athletes on the Grand Prix circuit, there was significantly less funding available to judoka in the late 1980s and early 1990s. As such, he held a range of side jobs on building sites and as a doorman to support his training, and worked as a personal trainer to earn extra cash. In the early days, he recalls his clients mainly wanted to do fitness work, but once he had won an Olympic medal he moved more into one-on-one judo classes.

“We were doing a bit of ground work and William managed to get a strangulation technique on Seb, and Seb didn’t tap quickly enough.”

Duran Duran frontman Simon Le Bon and his wife, Yasmin, were among Stevens’ earliest celebrity clients at a now-defunct gym in Battersea, central London. Meanwhile, actor Oliver Tobias, popstar Kylie Minogue, politician William Hague and Olympic middle-distance runner turned sports administrator Sebastian Coe are also notable names to have trained under Stevens’ guidance. The latter pair took up martial arts in the 1990s while working for the Conservative Party, and their exploits in the dojo give perhaps the best anecdotal evidence to support judo’s celebrity appeal.

Stevens recalls that it was Coe who first contacted him on Hague’s behalf as the then-leader of the opposition was interested in taking up a Japanese martial art, particularly judo. Stevens and Coe knew each other from their various international sporting commitments in the past, and the duo started training together regularly.

“[Hague] was very determined,” Stevens says, “you don’t get where he was in his working life without being very determined. It’s just a question of channelling that into something else.

“I do remember William saying that he found it helped him when he used to go on Question Time. The thing is it clears your mind. When you’re doing the training you can’t be thinking about something else. So he’d do a training session quite often before Question Time where he’d have to focus on what he was doing on the judo mat but then he’d have the adrenaline still going when he went out and did his performance if you like.”

Over the months and years both achieved blue belt level in judo. And, during one particularly rigorous training session, Hague employed his newfound knack for martial arts with lethal effect.

“In those days we were training at Jeffery Archer’s place and we all know Seb’s very competitive,” Stevens begins. “Of course, judo is different to running but if he was put to the test you could see his competitive side coming out – but William is quite physically strong.

“This one particular day in training we were doing a bit of ground work and William managed to get a strangulation technique on Seb, and Seb didn’t tap quickly enough. It was really funny because he just started snoring really loudly – really loudly! – so I slapped him round the face a couple of times and he came round and started to want to fight again.

“He almost didn’t realise. I think William was a little bit shocked and I just bumped him up and down, slapped him round the face, he came round and suddenly wanted to start fighting again. It was quite amusing.”

Stevens also counts British movie director Guy Ritchie among his good friends. He says the 45-year-old, a well-known martial arts fan, used to attend the Budokwai many years ago and started life in karate before taking up judo and jiu-jitsu. Today he apparently trains Brazilian jiu-jitsu – in which Stevens is also a black belt – “probably as much as some full-time training athletes”, and is comfortably the most accomplished celebrity martial artist Stevens has worked with.

British Judo announces new affiliation with the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu UK Association

29th January 2015

BJJUKA BJA SigningBritish Judo are pleased to announce a new affiliation with the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu UK Association. The affiliation demonstrates the commitment of both organisations the development of the sports of Judo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in the UK.

The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu UK Association (BJJUKA) is an organisation set up to govern the sport of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in the UK.  The BJJUKA principle purpose is to raise the regulation, governance and credibility of BJJ across the UK.

The BJJUKA has now affiliated with the British Judo Association (BJA).  The affiliation agreement means that British Judo can use the many years of experience it has as a National Governing Body (recognised and supported by Sport England) to provide guidance and advise to the BJJUKA on areas such as coaching and academy/club development.  The affiliation agreement means that the BJJUKA will comply with the rules and ethics of good governance, and administration that Sport England would expect of any independent, nationally recognised Governing Body.

Chairman of the BJJUKA Ray Stevens (BJJ Black Belt, Judo 6th Dan and Olympic silver medallist) speaking on the new affiliation, said:

“This is something I have wanted to do for a number of years, I very much see Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Judo as cousins in the world of combat sport.  Both BJJ and Judo can learn from one another by sharing our expertise and knowledge and as such there is a great deal of mutual benefit to be had from the affiliation. With my background in BJJ and Judo I see myself as bridging a gap between the two arts.  I want to bring greater regulation and credibility to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu through our affiliation with British Judo.”

British Judo Chairman, Kerrith Brown, added:

“We’re delighted to welcome the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu UK Association to the British Judo family. This new affiliation will be important for the development of both Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Judo across the UK. Both sports offer a great training and competing experience and we’re pleased that this affiliation will broaden our ability to cater for different needs. We’re aiming to become a high performing governing body and we’re pleased to be able to share our governance experience and expertise with the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu UK Association.”

The affiliation agreement between British Judo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu UK Association was signed by Andrew Scoular, British Judo Chief Executive, Ray Stevens, BJJUKA Chairman and Ed Semple, BJJUKA Board Member on Wednesday 7 January 2015.

Ray Stevens Wimbledon Judo Club Children’s Team shine in competition debut

12th December 2014

6 strong judokas headed to North-West area to compete at the London Youth Games Feeder Event last weekend. It was the ‘first show’ for our team since they have started judo and red and yellow belt youngsters were up for gold throughout the day at Brunel University.

In the red belt category, Morgan Wroe began the day by showing impressive spirit on the mat and coming away with a bronze, which was followed up with a silver medal from Nate Brazier in the the yellow belts. Nate won his first fight by throwing his opponent with an amazing Ippon which secured his place in the final where he was less fortunate and got held down by his opponent, finishing with the silver (got to work on that ne-waza!)


Later on the day it was time for our youngest competitor to shine. Andrew Nortje, started off with the fast loss however he managed to break through the first round’s disappointment and earned another bronze medal for the club. Shortly after, Joshua Colin was called on the mat to perform. Josh started off by scoring a Yuko on his opponent, who later on managed to get an Ippon against him. Josh had two more very hard fights which led him to earn the bronze.


Both Matthew Waters and Jeremy Joseph started off with a very impressive win in the first round. Matthew fought his way all the way to the final where he narrowly missed out on the gold, finishing with a silver medal. Jeremy was also in the final by that time. It was the last fight of the day and after slamming his opponent to the mat with an outstanding Uchi-mata he booked his place on the top of the podium and earning him the gold medal.


Ray Stevens Wimbledon Judo Club coach, Szandra Szogedi also showed positive feedback after the event: “Considering for many of them it was their first competition, I thought they did brilliantly and to come away with these medals is great for them and for the club. They all did so well. They loved every minute of the day and I am so proud of them all.” She added: “It is always a team effort and of course without the support of the club and the parents we would not be able to be there, so I would like to say a massive thank you for everyone who put the effort in to make this weekend happen for us.”

Radnor School and Ray Stevens Academy Wimbledon friendly Team Event

12th December 2014

Congratulations to all the judokas who participated in the tournament at the weekend. Radnor House school came along to visit R.S.Wimbledon Judo Academy for a friendly team event. In each group there were trophies presented to the best female and male judo players of the day.

The tournament kicked off with the under  9 year olds first stepping on the mat. 6 strong teams competed against each other for the Trophy. Team Lions started off great, until it was time to be up against Team Epics, the overall winners , where they lost by 2:3. Team Smashes also put on an incredible performance losing out only slightly for the silver medal after a defeat against Team Lions.

Amelia Griffiths (Radnor House School) for the girls and Latif Valiyev (R.S.Wimbledon) for the boys took the prize for the best judoka of the day.

Results: Group 1

Gold – Team Epics
Silver – Team Lions
Bronze – Team Golden Eagles, Team Jaguars, Team Tigers and Team Smashes

Following that it was time for the 10-15 year olds to put their Gi’s on. With 7 strong teams in the group there were tight fights during the afternoon. Team Scorpios were on first against Team Anonymous and with fast ‘Ippons’ they took the lead. On the other side Team Snakes were coming along strong defeating Team Adrenalin, Team Vaccines and Team Anonymous and coming close to the later on winner Team Scorpios.

The best judoka of the day was won by Ty Touviet (I don’t have his surname) (Radnor House School) for the boys and Julia Hatfield (R.S. Wimbledon) in the girls category.

Results: Group 2

Gold – Team Scorpio
Silver – Team Snakes
Bronze –  Team Bears, Team Vaccines, Team US, Team Adrenaline and Team Anonymous